LOVE in a “DISABLED” World

Last week I was on one of my spinal cord injury Facebook groups and I was reading a post where a gentleman was commenting on how he was in love, but he just felt so incredibly lucky that someone could love him with everything that comes along with dealing with spinal cord injury.

The endless comments that followed really resonated with me as folks told him stories about how they had been married for decades whether both the couples were injured themselves or whether they were with an able-bodied person.

This post really struck a chord as it got me thinking about the concept of love and what we as human beings can look past in order find the beauty within another individual.

Read the rest on Push Living Magazine:


2 comments on “LOVE in a “DISABLED” World

  1. Alexis says:

    Thank you for sharing. I’m a quadriplegic and was injured in a car accident five years ago. I was engaged at the time and he became physically and mentally abusive.He kept telling me no one else would want to be with me because of my disability. For the longest time, I believed him. I was finally able to let go and a few months later, met an amazing man. We are still together and just had a baby boy. He loves me far beyond my disability.


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