Health Insurance Advocacy

Over the last 10 years since I sustained a spinal cord injury in 2010 I have made it my life’s mission to teach myself how to become my own self advocate and an advocate for others in gaining approvals from health insurance companies for medically necessary equipment.  Sadly our health insurance industry is flawed in so many ways and the system is set-up for many of us to fail who live with debilitating disabilities.

There are so many wonderful individuals and organizations working to create systemic change within our health insurance industry in the United States, but until that day comes, we have to learn how to navigate within the broken system we are faced with.  It’s not impossible, but it does take learning to be your own advocate, determination, perseverance, and the willingness to fight for what you need in order to improve your quality of life, independence, and live life with a little bit more dignity.

I have compiled a list of many of my articles from this website and magazines on this page to, not only illustrate how to navigate some of these pitfalls within the system, but to offer hope to those who think they are at a dead end.  You are not alone- I assure you.  You have rights and you need to know what they are, and how to best help yourself.

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February 07, 2018 –