Get Involved

It is challenging because there are so many wonderful organizations and people to get involved with in the Spinal Cord Injury world. If you’re interested in promoting a worthy cause, please email me and we can get your information up here.

1.)  Unite 2 Fight Paralysis

  • My family and I are big supporters of this organization as it is very much focused, not only on sound science, but on connecting Spinal Cord Injury folks together around the country. I’ve personally gotten to know Susan and Marilyn over the years and it is such a treat to work with women who understand what the real issues are!
  • Motivated by the knowledge and energy gained at the Rally, Susan, Betheny and Marilyn founded Unite 2 Fight Paralysis (U2FP) in late 2005, and a unique advocacy organization was born. In 2006 U2FP introduced the Working 2 Walk Science & Advocacy Symposium, bringing research scientists, practitioners, investors, SCI survivors and family members together for the first time. This annual conference continues to foster knowledge, collaboration and power for all of the stakeholders committed to achieving a cure for spinal cord injury.

2.)  Sabrina Cohen Foundation

  • I’ve had the pleasure to know Sabrina since I was first injured in 2010. She is a wonderful organization to promote research, foster community, and hosts some killer events!
  • In the last two years she recently opened Sabrina’s Beach in Miami Beach, Florida. Handicap folks now have the opportunity to swim in the ocean and enjoy a beach day!

3.) Push Living Magazine

  • I’ve been fortunate to get to know the founder of the magazine, Deborah Davis, and she’s created such a wonderful online magazine that is rich in content.
  • She is always looking for folks to get involved and help spread the word about disabilities, travel, life, love, etc.