Early 20’s

During the summers in my early 20’s I would go back to China every summer and I would write business plans for pharmaceutical companies, work for outsourcing companies, and so much more. I was fluent in Chinese by that time and I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to live and work in China, but I certainly wanted to keep up that part of my life.

I finally graduated from the University of Miami, but had no idea what I was going to do with my entrepreneurship major. I was still living the South Beach life and was desperately trying to find a job. Unfortunately, I partied too hard and I hit rock bottom. I basically admitted myself to my own personal rehab and went to go live my brothers in Atlanta. During this time I got my act together at 23 years old and eventually found a job back in Miami working for a political nonprofit organization. This was last job I ever thought I would have in the world to start off my career was in politics.

“Hosting a Political event with the Mayor of Miami”

It was such an interesting first step because I was allowed to utilize my entrepreneurship major and build this chapter of this organization from the ground up. I learned how to fund raise, write grants, schmooze with politicians, host events, etc. all the while I was still enjoying life, meeting friends, dating various guys here and there.

With respect my personal life, I had zero desire for a long-term relationship. You must remember I was living in South Beach and life just had too many choices for me to choose one. I was like a giant kid in a candy store every single day. It was a blast and I don’t regret any of it!

As for life direction in my early 20s? I literally had none … I didn’t know where I was going to go, what I wanted to be, or what to do with my life. I pretty much just lived every day as it presented itself.

“Saturday Boat Party in Miami Beach with my Sister”


“Having a Wild Time in Maui, Hawaii”









“Bouncing around South Beach Meeting Interesting Characters”

“Tubing in the Bahamas”

“Hiking on the Great Wall”

“Tubing in the Bahamas”

“Home in the Bahamas”